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Payment for Assisted Living in Iowa

Private Pay
Some tenants pay cash for Assisted Living services.

Long Term Care Insurance
The Continental at t. Joseph’s┬áin Iowa meets the requirements by Insurance companies to accept Long Term Care insurance. . Often tenants have Long Term Insurance that pays the majority of the Assisted Living costs and the tenant or family pay the balance. The nurse from the insurance company will evaluate the policy holder and make the determination that the tenant requires nursing services. Tenants who need assistance with bathing, dressing, medications, memory gaps, and medical monitoring usually meet the requirements of insurance companies.

Veterans Affairs “Aide and Attendance”
Veterans or spouses of deceased veterans may qualify for as much as $1400 per month to pay for Assisted Living expenses. The applicant cannot have more than $80,000 in cash assets and must have a doctor’s statement verifying that the tenant needs Assisted Living services. Applications can be obtained from the Veterans Affairs office located in the lower level of The Continental at St. Joseph’s. The Veterans Affairs office is open in the mornings Monday through Thursday. Veterans Affairs phone number is 856-6597.

Shared Two Bedroom Option
Individuals with limited monthly incomes may opt to share a two bedroom apartment in order to meet the financial requirements of living at The Continental at St. Joseph’s. Each bedroom has a bathroom, closet, individual temperature control, and cable hook up. In a two bedroom share options, tenants share the apartment living room. Prospects may qualify for Elderly Waiver funds to help pay for their half of the rent.

Individuals and families are encouraged to talk to Pat McAfee or Tara Koestner about alternative financial arrangements.